Spring is in bloom… it’s time to get out and volunteer!

I’ve waited so long and expectantly for spring…for sunlight, green grass and flowers and warmth. And I had hoped that my achy and tired body would respond with less achiness and fatigue. But unfortunately the ravages of age and all of the years of neglecting self-care, along with the fibromyalgia and arthritis that are lurking within my body still think it’s winter. I wish I could shout to every woman out there-“take care of yourself!”…”treat your body with love and kindness-it’s the only one you’ll get in this lifetime!”…so they don’t feel like me.

So today I’m choosing to focus on what I have to be grateful for, and choosing to have a spirit of gratitude instead of painful defeat. There are so many things to be grateful for…I can breath without a ventilator, I can still walk and use my arms and legs, all of my senses work as they should, I have shelter and food and all of my needs are met, and I am blessed with a loving family…I am so fortunate when I look at the lives of so many others that are not. All I have to do is drive downtown and see the homeless to remember this. These are the things I will now choose to put my focus on.

But there is something still missing, and I realized today what it was. It is my desire to volunteer in a few areas in life where I have been called to help for some time. I’m a procrastinator and was never able to find the time in the past to volunteer-and that needs to stop now. There are people who need things I have to give, and services I have to offer that can help someone. I strongly believe that we all have some type of calling and volunteer work or mentoring ministry we should be offering to the world, and I have waited far too long! So get in the back seat creaky painful joints and tired body – we are going to go head out to find our calling this week!

Wherever you are, whoever you are, and no matter how you “feel”, physically, emotionally, or mentally, someone in the world needs you. You are unique, skilled or experienced in some special area, and have something to offer that no one else does – and you have an obligation to the human race and to God to give unto others-and be the difference they need to thrive and survive. Crawl, climb, and scale over whatever wall is holding you back to find your own calling to give back to the world! Your life won’t be complete until you do, and it may just change your own life radically-for the better. <3

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I’m a wife, a mother of 4, a grandmother to 5, and a RN. My husband and youngest daughter Katey and I love to garden, visit yard sales and flea markets, and are greenhouse junkies. I also have a passion for reading and writing, which has been my most effective therapy.