My New Winter Project: An Indoor Herbal/Healing Garden

I’ve decided that I need a healthy project to keep positive things going around in my brain, and one of my favorite pastimes is going to the garden centers, and spending hours roaming through them and taking in all the varieties of colorful flowers, herbs, trees, succulents…I love it all! It is the one thing my 17 yr old Katey and I have in common – our love of plants. I’ve always had houseplants in my home in abundance, but herbs?

I was in Hobby Lobby with my granddaughter Ava, and we were just going to pick up a few nick nacks for something to do over the weekend. I happened to spot this great wooden – thing – and had one of those “lightbulb” moments where my brain said “my new herb garden holder”! It had layers, partitions, and wouldn’t take up much room and had plenty of space for small containers to grow seeds…which will be new for me. I’m an instant gratification gardener, I love buying the pre-grown plants and seeing what they look like and how I will arrange them – rather than buying seed packets and praying they’ll grow.

So, seeds…I have a few things to learn there. It’s good to learn every day, so each day I’ll learn a little more about each of theses herb seeds I’ve bought, and with prayer and luck (and hopefully the dogs and cat won’t dig them out and eat them), I may have some herbs to begin working with in a few months! I had them in my yard last year, and by the time I got home from work and did everything else, I used a few for cooking and that was it. Now though – I want all the benefits. Drying them, tinctures, using for spices, and aromatherapy…. (now to find the darn seed packs and soil discs…)

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I’m a wife, a mother of 4, a grandmother to 5, and a RN. My husband and youngest daughter Katey and I love to garden, visit yard sales and flea markets, and are greenhouse junkies. I also have a passion for reading and writing, which has been my most effective therapy.